TeleHealth Therapy

All sessions are done online via Zoom (HIPAA compliant & encrypted)

I transitioned my practice from in-person to ‘TeleHealth only’ in July of 2020. It’s impossible to tell if/when I will return to in-person sessions.

Clients are learning to use Zoom like a pro, and I’m finding that we are able to achieve the same high quality results as we did in the office. You can’t argue with the convenience of not having to set aside drive-time, or the comfort of having your favorite pet nearby as you work through heart-wrenching issues, not to mention it’s fantastic for working with OCD as you are able to confront your biggest triggers within your own environment easily

How do I use TeleHealth?

I use the professional version of Zoom for therapists, so it’s HIPAA compliant and secure. You can jump onto Zoom by using your smartphone, laptop, computer, or tablet. Each morning I send clients an email with a private link for their session. Many clients have been using Zoom for work in the past year or so, making the learning curve less steep.

What will you need to conduct a session via TeleHealth?

In addition to your smartphone, laptop, computer or tablet, you will also need a headset with a microphone. While the headset isn’t absolutely necessary, using one will reduce feedback and other audio issues, making the session more seamless and productive.

Other Considerations

I will be conducting my TeleHealth sessions from my home office – which means you might just hear my two big dogs when they see a squirrel or the mailman (or want to hear the sound of their own bark!). Overall, my dogs have been quieter than the cars, trucks, motorcycles and emergency vehicles that used to routinely pass in front of my old office building. There are always trade-offs.

Kimela Kluthe, LMFT   |   St. Louis, MO