Individual Therapy


The task of therapy is to face (work through) fear, sadness, anger and shame – all of which wasn’t there when we came into this world, before ‘life happened’ to us – so we can finally, and gloriously break free.

We seek individual therapy when we realize we are ‘stuck’, repeating the same unhealthy patterns that result in the same unhappiness. This is where we make the decision to take responsibility for our past and commit to change. It can be a humbling experience, but the shift in confidence, happiness and well-being – being un-stuck –  will be well worth the discomfort. 

What is the goal of Therapy?

The goal of our therapy will be to restore you to that ‘self’ you were before life got hold of you and shook you till your teeth rattled. If life was brutal to you in childhood, we’ll figure out how to deal with the scars of those experiences and design how your adulthood will play out, according to your plan.

If that sounds easy, I’ve misled you! Therapy isn’t for sissies. It requires facing feelings that may have been shut off, set aside, or pushed down for decades – and they often feel absolutely horrible as they re-surface. The alternative is to leave things as they are, and hope for things to change on their own (also known as ‘magical thinking’).

Therapy and Men

Men – special attention! Your issues are too often set aside as our world sends you the mixed messages of “we want you to show your emotions” and then shrink away when you show your tender side (be a ‘man’, be ‘tough’!). You need a place to work through the conflicting messages and what has happened to you over the years too. Yes, this is also hard work – and well worth it.

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