Helpful Resources

by David Grand

As we begin the work of Brainspotting this book will help you get a feel for what lies ahead. The name sounds mysterious but the method works. Written so it’s easy to read and understand – not heavy on the ‘psychobabble’.

by David Grand

Because I like David Grand’s style of writing I’m including his book on EMDR to help with understanding how EMDR works. 

by John Gottman

Truly, one of the greats in the world of couples work, Gottman has put together a book that’s easy to read, with great exercises to use as we get started on the work of couples therapy.

by Amir Levine

One of the few books I read from beginning to end without ‘cheating’. Levine explains the three major attachment styles to help you figure out how you really ‘connect’ with others, as well as how your attachment injuries may get in the way of connection.

by Emily Nagoski

This is written for women, but I recommend it for men as well. Every woman is different, but Nagoski helps women understand how their sexual response really ‘works’, as well as what may be hindrances – and how to work with those. 

 by Sue Johnson

One of the other giants in the field of couples work, Sue Johnson, uses attachment theory to teach us how we reach out to one another and how we interpret when others respond. We learn that mixed signals are terribly dangerous for relationships, as well as how to repair the resulting injuries.

 by Pete Walker

I recommend anyone with Complex Trauma read this with a highlighter (or two) and post-it notes AND an open mind! As you read this you will see yourself, your partner, boss, parent(s), sibling(s), etc. as you turn the pages. This requires more concentration but is filled with great information.