EMDR Consultation

EMDR Consultation

Are you working toward certification and need to accrue consultation hours? Have a challenging case that could use a fresh set of eyes?

I am an EMDRIA consultant-in-training (CIT), and look forward to helping you complete your process and/or work through those challenges.

Like most EMDR therapists, I work with clients who have experienced complex trauma (cPTSD) and/or PTSD. I have also been trained in Brainspotting (Phases 1-4 and Expansion), which has deep roots in the ‘bottom-up’ somatic work we do in EMDR. The neuroscience of how/why EMDR works so well fascinates me and I’m continually amazed by what we don’t know, as much as by what we do know!

As an EMDR practitioner who also works with OCD, I discovered it was difficult to maintain fidelity to an “EMDR-only” approach to treating this condition while also getting significant gains for my clients who were suffering tremendously. I decided I needed to put another major tool in my arsenal, one that was specifically designed to treat OCD – Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP or ExRP). ERP is a CBT-based method that is very effective in treating OCD.

Our challenge, as EMDR therapists treating OCD, is when to use which tool, as well as learning how to switch from one to the other fluidly for our client’s quickest improvement. OCD and trauma often accompany one another. It’s likely that a client with OCD will also have trauma to process as well. I can help you figure out when and how to navigate that territory.

Please see my ‘About’ page for information on trainings I have completed for my credentials.