EMDR Consultation

EMDR Consultation

Are you working toward certification and need to accrue consultation hours? Have a challenging case that could use a fresh set of eyes?

I am a consultant-in-training (CIT), and look forward to helping you complete your process or work through those challenges.

Like most EMDR therapists, I work with clients who have experienced complex trauma (cPTSD) and/or PTSD. Having been trained in both EMDR and Brainspotting, I’ve had a good amount of training, and done even more self-study on the polyvagal theory and neuroscience behind all the ‘bottom-up’ somatic work we do in session.

I’ve also completed the four-day training in what is often regarded as the best treatment for OCD, Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP or ExRP). I have not found a way to treat OCD with EMDR alone. However, using ERP to treat the OCD, and EMDR to treat the trauma that invariably accompanies the OCD is a very effective combination (along with the possibility of medication). The challenge is when to use which tool, as well as recognizing opportunities to switch from one to the other effectively for your client’s quickest improvement.

Please see my ‘About’ page for information on trainings I have completed for my credentials.