Yes! We can do couples’ work via online therapy! The most important items we need are still present – the three of us and the ability to connect with one another emotionally. This current situation may be ‘adding fuel to the fire’ for your relationship, resulting in more arguments and less intimacy. Let’s get to work!

Creating and maintaining a strong, resilient relationship – one which will stand the test of time  – requires work and constant attention. It’s not enough to wine and dine your partner for a few months and then neglect their needs and desires. You both have dreams to work toward, fears to face as a team, and a future to build together. But sometimes we lose our way or get distracted by kids, work, financial worries, tragedy and everyday ‘stuff’. How do you find your way back to the romance, sharing secrets and giggling together in the middle of the night?

That is the work of couples counseling – learning how to rebuild that friendship and intimacy that you once shared but somehow lost along the way. Call me to see how we can start the work together!

Therapy and Counseling

Kimela Kluthe, LMFT   |   St. Louis, MO