Contact Info & Frequently asked questions

If you’d like to connect to see if we are a good fit or to schedule a session, there are a few ways to do so.

  • Complete the form below and click ‘Send Message’ and your message will appear in my email inbox – I try to respond within 24 hours;
  • You can send me an email directly at;
  • Text me at 636-208-5229, identify yourself and provide information so I can contact you. Again, I do my best to respond within 24 hours.

I am in session from 1:00 to 7:00, Monday thru Thursday, and 1:00 to 6:00 on Friday – so reaching me by phone can be challenging.

Current clients can set up an appointment via my Secure Online Scheduler .

See my FAQs, below the Contact form, for answers to some common questions.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kimela Kluthe, LMFT

Therapy and Counseling


I offer counseling for adults – for individuals and for couples. I do not work with teens or kids but I will be happy to refer you to trusted colleagues who specialize in working with teens and kids. Please keep in mind that ‘counseling’ and ‘therapy’ are words that are used interchangeably.

While the particular needs each person brings to therapy are incredibly unique, we all need one very important element. We need a therapist who genuinely wants to listen to our story and help us to formulate a way to improve our lives. I am invested in your treatment outcome and will rejoice with you as you grow toward achieving your goals. If I ever feel that your needs require expertise that I do not hold I will find you an appropriate therapist who specializes in that particular area.

People often say things like “I know what the problem is. I just need to ….” or “Why should I go tell a stranger my problems when I have friends who will listen?” Good points. The issue isn’t that we don’t know what to do to fix our problems, or that we don’t have good friends who are willing to listen. The issue is that even though those things are true, our problems are still there. A therapist may be able to help you take action where you have been unable to do so, or they may have an insight that your friends, because they are so very close to you, do not have. Even if, like me, some of your best friends are therapists, you may need a trained professional who sees you as a client whose needs are separate from their own personal life.

During your first session you will tell me your ‘goals of therapy’. As we progress I will come back to those goals periodically to determine which ones we have reached, which ones still need to be addressed, and which ones need to be re-evaluated or fine-tuned.

I could fill up this space with the names of the different styles of therapy that I utilize but it wouldn’t mean a whole lot to you. What is important is that my degree (master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy), and many trainings over the years, have resulted in a well stocked therapy ‘tool box’. I have a strong preference for therapy that is ‘brain and body based’, so we will have conversations about how your brain and nervous system work together to create your unique responses to what is happening in your environment.

Yes. I encourage clients to email and/or text me between sessions as needed. I encourage journaling and letter writing to explore issues we may be working on in session. Sometimes clients find that what we do in session doesn’t ‘sink in’ for a day or so, and when it does they want to send me an email about an ‘aha’ moment. I usually respond within a few hours but it may take up to 24 hours.

Honestly, we may not be a good fit. I am aware that this is always a possibility, and it has nothing to do with the quality of the work or either person’s ‘like-ability’. If there isn’t a good therapeutic ‘fit’ then we won’t get much done. If, at any time you feel like you need to move on to a different therapist you will not be given the third degree or accused of psychological warfare! I will offer you three referrals and wish you well. I promise.

No, I do not. Some insurance co-pays are comparable to my rates, and some insurance plans do not pay anything until you have reached a significant deductible. Insurance companies often require sensitive information in order to pay a claim, even when reimbursing for “out of network” fees. They also have the unique ability to later decide there was a problem with a claim and require clients to ‘pay back’ fees they feel are unnecessary. Because of these issues I have decided not to participate with insurance companies. 

My fee for an Individual session is $140. My fee for a couple’s session is $150. Sessions are 50 minutes long. I try very hard to stay on schedule to afford a bit of time between clients to record notes, grab a bite, etc.