Kimela Kluthe, LMFT

Individual & Couples Counseling

What brings you here today?

Everyone begins therapy for different reasons and with wide ranging expectations.

             – Are you having trouble with an important relationship?

             – Has your mood been more down than up, or even neutral?

            –  Is your anxiety through the roof, due to something from your past OR present?

I know how difficult it is to make the decision to look for help. How many therapists profiles and websites have you already read, trying to find ‘the one’ who will be able to help you?

I specialize in helping people work their way out of ‘stuck’ places …

  • Where anxiety and depression limit their options …
  • Where navigating challenging friendships or dysfunctional family situations feels impossible … and …
  • Where they’re stuck in what feels like endless, hurtful, unhealthy and unproductive loops with the person they love most in the world.


Being stuck, whether as an individual or part of a relationship, means that we keep doing the same things and continue to get the same results (as the Einstein saying goes).

Why? Because we don’t know a better way of doing things. It’s not that we’re unwilling to make changes or unaware of how we are being hurt/hurting others. We simply don’t know what to do instead.

This is where I come in. I have extensive training that will help you begin to move from where you are to a more healthy, happy, and productive place – and find the relief you’ve been chasing for years. I will help you figure out how to improve the communication problems that are holding you back, deal with the fear and sadness you’ve been carrying around for way too long (maybe decades) and figure out who you want to be, and what you want your key relationships to really look like.

Call or text me at 636-208-5229 and let’s get started. 


How I can help you:

You will have my undivided attention while we work through whatever you bring to the session. You already know what is not working well in your life, making you unhappy, anxious and unproductive.

The next step will be to figure out how to change what you are doing in order to achieve a different, and better outcome. Again, this is about you and the life you choose.

Your life. Your design. I’m here to help you get from here … to there.

What Now?

Contact me so we can figure out your next step together.

I offer sessions in person in my Ballwin office at 13975 Manchester Road (between 141 and 270), or online via Zoom. Choose what works best for your schedule – or switch as needed. Email me at, or text/call me at 636-208-5229 to set up an appointment now. You can also use the handy Contact Me button below.

Existing clients can use the Secure Online Scheduler to set up appointments anytime.