Kimela Kluthe, LMFT

Individual & Couples Counseling in my Ballwin Office or Telehealth

In case you're curious ...

What will be helpful for you to know as we start our work together?

We will focus on your strengths, while continuing to be aware of your pain points. I believe it is important for you to start our work together knowing that you’ve already been through the worst part – and survived. You developed resilience and strength along the way, and you’ll be using those tools to build a new way of moving through life, with more joy and intentionality.

I use humor in session – fairly often – not in a disrespectful way, but sometimes laughter truly is the best medicine.

I love using movie, music, & book references. Is there a scene from a tv show or movie to perfectly illustrate how you feel about a situation? Perfect! Is there a song that describes exactly what you’re feeling … about heartbreak, love, anger, being stressed out, etc? Don’t be surprised if I ask you ‘what was the last song you listened to … on purpose?’ or ‘What’s on your playlists?‘.

At some point I will bring up scuba diving – not in every session – but most of my clients know that I love, love, love diving. I love underwater photography, and the challenges of capturing the perfect picture is like a treasure hunt. Diving challenges me physically, mentally, emotionally, and feeds my need for adventure. If you’re curious about diving we’ll take a few minutes outside of session to chat about it!


How I can help you ...

You will have my undivided attention while we work through whatever you bring to the session. You already know what is not working well in your life, making you unhappy, anxious and unproductive.

The next step will be to figure out how to change what you are doing in order to change the outcome. Again, this is about you and the life you choose.

Your life. Your design. I’m here to help you get from here … to there.

Finding the Right Therapist

Something isn’t working right, so you’re looking for a therapist.

Will any therapist be fine?

Actually, no.

What’s the most important factor in choosing a therapist? Hands-down, connection. If you and your therapist have a solid connection, you’ll be set up for success.

Ignore the alphabet soup behind their name (LPC, LCSW, LMFT, PSYD, etc). Forget about what “modalities” they use (EMDR, CBT, person-centered, etc). A good, seasoned therapist will have a plentiful toolbox of skills and will adjust to your needs.

They listen when you speak; genuinely care about your experience; are engaged in session (not distracted by phones or paperwork); are invested in you reaching your goals; they create an environment where you feel understood, and safe enough to share your complicated issues with them.

I encourage you to ‘therapist shop’. Call a few people and find someone you connect with. It’s worth taking that time.

We might work well together if you are an Adult or Couple:

What Now?

Contact me so we can figure out your next step together.

I offer sessions in person in my Ballwin office at 13975 Manchester Road (between 141 and 270), or online via Zoom. Choose what works best for your schedule – or switch as needed. Email me at, or text/call me at 636-208-5229 to set up an appointment now. You can also use the handy Contact Me button below.

Existing clients can use the Secure Online Scheduler to set up appointments anytime.